History Of Foresite Farm

Foresite farms is located on the Amite river in southeastern Louisiana. This river was named for the friendly reception that the french explorer Iberville received from the local indians. It is a form of the french word amitie which means "friendship." It received its name from that explorer in 1699.

When the Indians resided along the river they used the arrowheads created from the rocks located along the upper Amite to barter with other Indian tribes and provided them with a rich resource in trading power. Today we still find arrowheads created hundreds of years ago in prestine form on the farm and in the surrounding areas.

The river itself has played a key roll in the parish economy. In the early days the river allowed the sawmills which were once located o its banks to float their timber to the mill and the lumber to the ports below on the lakes Maurepas and Pontchartrain.

Along the river are large gravel and sand beds which mean much to the livelihood of the Livingston Parish residents. Such vast resources will today and for many years to come play a vital roll in the resource riches of the parish.

But another of the benefits of our location along the Amite river is the convient access to the river as a recreation area. A number of local anglers fish the river daily, and have good luck reeling in a number of large and small mouth bass.

On our site here along the river we have created a river tubing regional recreational area. Our river tubing allows hundreds of individuals and famalies to get away from the south Louisiana summer heat with a four hour tubing trip down the Amite river. The river is perfect for this activity with its slow moving current and curved course through the lowlands of the parish.